Product Model: OLLI

Gas measurement & warning instrument Explosion-proof & compact handheld gas measurement instrument as diffusion device. It can be used for up to 5 combustible and toxic gases as well as oxygen and comes in an extremely rugged 2C synthetic housing with a Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Up to 3 gas sensors can be installed (Ex/Ox/Tox). Assembly is based on customer requirements. Moreover, a pressure sensor can be installed. The instrument can be equipped with an optional pump. Operating time > 50 hours (depending on type & number of installed sensors and ambient conditions, w/o illumination) Measurement ranges are subject to sensor assembly Dimensions: 136 x 78 x 43 mm Weight: approx. 350 g Explosion-proof measurement instrument (active & passive): Marking: II 2G Ex ib db IIB T4 Gb Certificates: BVS 17 ATEX E 043 X TÜV 21 ATEX 8596 X TÜV 21 PTG 7001 X 968/FSP 1940.05/21 Temperature range: -20°C <= Ta <= +50°C

  • The OLLI is an explosion-proof, multi range measurement device for flammable & toxic gases and oxygen.
    The device comes either in a diffusion version and can be equipped with an internal pump and pressure measurement. The well-known and easy-to-use operating concept with a menu navigation driven by two function keys and a ENTER button has been enlarged by an ESC/return button.
  • In the field of gas and water supply and sewage disposal, workplace monitoring and controlling the atmosphere in confined and enclosed spaces is a fixed and important part of work procedures according to DGUV Regel 113-004.
    Before work can begin, it has to be ensured that there is no lack of oxygen and that the shaft atmosphere is free from harmful substances. Furthermore, it must be determined whether an explosive atmosphere can be ruled out. Especially for structures in the area of sewage disposal, a clearance measurement is mandatory.

    Do you need a gas detector to inspect manholes? Then we offer you our OLLI, an effective gas detector with pump for combustible gases, toxic gases (H2S, CO, CO2) and oxygen.
    According to the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association (Berufsgenossenschaft), these gas warning devices “[…] are an aid to hazard reduction by detecting the presence of [flammable and] toxic gases and emitting suitable acoustic and/or optical warnings.” (Quote DGUV Information 213-056).

    In one of our workshops, the participants are taught necessary technical knowledge to perform clearance measurement in accordance with DGUV Principle 313-002.
  • Ergonomic & extremely rugged synthetic housing
  • Multiple device configurations with different sensors for various applications possible
  • Extremely long operating time (depending on device configuration & application up to 50h)
  • High contrast LCD graphic display with backlight for optimal display of all measured values
  • Cutting-edge filter technology
  • Optional Bluetooth technology for easy data transfer
  • Bump Test station for quick function tests on-site
  • Simple and easy operation with intuitive menu navigation
  • Practical accessories for all applications
  • IP67 protection code
  • It was not so long ago that printing on thermal paper was a revolution on the construction site. As an environmentally conscious and future-oriented company, we want to do without paper and at the same time make your everyday work easier.

    With Esders Connect the measurement data will directly be send to your office via our App for your smart phone or tablet – fast, paperless, digitally and DSGVO compliant. You have the option of specifying up to three e-mail addresses in order to send the completed test reports to them. The recipients also receive the GPS data for the exact localisation of the measurement. The administration is clear and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
    Esders Connect is browser-based, so no updates are required and you always have the latest version available.
  • Displayilluminated LCD Graphics display with 128 x 64 Pixel + special icons
    Power supplyRechargeable Li-Ion
    Operating timeup to 50h (diffusion version, w/o backlight)
    up to 35h (pump version, w/o backlight)
    Measurement range (Availability dependent on operating modes)0-22,000 ppm methane, resolution 1, 5, 10, 50 ppm (adjustable)
    0-8,500 ppm propane, resolution 1, 5, 10, 50 ppm (adjustable)
    0-100 % LEL methane/propane, resolution 0.01 % or 0.1 % (adjustable)
    0-100 Vol.-% methane/propane, resolution 0.01 Vol.%, 0.1 Vol.%, 0.5 Vol.% (adj.)
    optional: 0-5 Vol.% CO2, resolution 0.01 Vol.%
    optional: 0-25 Vol.% O2, resolution 0.1 Vol.%
    optional: 0-1,000 ppm CO, resolution 1 ppm
    optional: 0-200 ppm H2S, resolution 0.1 ppm
    optional: 0-1 bar, resolution 0,1 mbar
    AlarmAcoustic, optical and vibration alarm signal
    Operating temperature-20 °C to +50 °C
    ATEXBVS 17 ATEX E 043 X
    II 2G Ex ib db IIB T4 Gb
    Dimensions80 / 170 / 43 mm (pump version)
    Weightapprox. 350 g incl. battery (diffusion version)
    approx. 380 g incl. battery (pump version)
    Pump flowapprox. 20 l/h
    ConnectivityIR, Bluetooth (optional)
    Data Storageapprox. 200 MB