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 Gas Detector
Leak Test Calibration
PPM, LEL ,Volume

ATTENTION: Looking to Calibrate your Gas Detector Instrument? We perform Gas Detector Calibration for Portable Gas Detector and Fixed Gas Detector System. HOW? By exposing the said instrument to a known, pre-determined concentration of a “test gas”, we conduct the calibration of the said instrument and verify if the gas is being appropriately detected by the said sensors.


Our trained and expert Engineers support in servicing of Multibrand Gas Detector. We support the service with spare sensors and filters of Original Equipment Manufacturer. Few brands we stock spares involves Esders , Riken Keiki, MSA, Crowcon, BW , Gas Clip, MSA

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Gas Detector maintenance is carried out as per pre-approved international norms. It is our job to ensure your instrument is able to collect appropriate and accurate readings. To achieve proper performance and accurate data/readings, we recommend Customers use our team of trained engineers, to service and maintenance their Gas Detectors on board their vessels at regular intervals. This will help SAVE LIVES from exposure to unsafe and explosive atmospheres on board vessels. Oxygen deficiencies and prolonged exposure to harmful vapors and toxic gases is serious and could be life threatening. It is our promise to keep you safe.

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Daghigh Tajhiz  Offers below services for Gas Detectors:
• On-site and Workshop Calibration / Maintenance of Portable Gas Detector – Multi Brand
• On-site Calibration of Fixed Gas Detection System – Multi Brand

Training Course about Gas Detection

Gas Detector

gas detector use practical module


Basic functions learning with 4 gas meter training

Sensor zeroing

Sensitivity setup

Data extraction and storage


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Most precise leak detector
Above ground

Hunter H2
Low concentration H2 and CH4 is detected by the most sensitive leak test of the word !!
Sales, Calibration, Service
Daghigh Tajhiz Lab.
17025 Accredited

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اتان سنج بهمراه پرینتر و جبرانساز حرارتی

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نشتیاب و گازسنج در یک دستگاه
قابلیت اندازه گیری فشار گاز
قابلیت اندازه گیری متان در سه رنج ppm, LEL, Vol
قابلیت اندازه گیری CO2, H2S, CO,O2

H2 gas detector in ppm
Most precise leak tester in word suited to measure hydrogen in industries

OLLI with pressure sensor
3 ranges ppm, LEL, Vol

The OLLI is an explosion-proof, multi range measurement device for flammable and toxic gases and oxygen.

The device comes either in a diffusion version and can be equipped with an internal pump and pressure measurement. The well-known and easy-to-use operating concept with a menu navigation driven by two function keys and a ENTER button has been enlarged by an ESC/return button.

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