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Gas Detection Training


Each person who needs to use a PPE (personal protective equipment) like a gas detector should know the basics for optimal use and to minimize risks generated by working in hazardous areas. That’s why gas detection training is highly recommended…

Gas Detection Training Overview

This course is designed to provide information about detection and control of flammable and toxic atmospheres to help you remain safe while working around potentially dangerous gases. This course explores the features and operation of the most common detector tube devices (bellows and piston) and gas monitors (personal, portable, and fixed). This course also covers explosive ranges, toxic atmospheres, oxygen levels, flammable substances, flammable gas principles, vapour detection, and much more!

Who should take this course?

Anyone entering a work site that requires any type of gas detection equipment. This equipment can be found on many sites including plant sites, drilling operations, servicing operations, pipeline operations, up stream and down stream oilfield operations, confined spaces, and more



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